PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Bella Hadid at Harper’s BAZAAR celebrates ‘ICONS By Carine Roitfeld’

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Bella Hadid at Harper’s BAZAAR celebrates ‘ICONS By Carine Roitfeld’

Yesterday, 7, was the annual Harper’s Bazaar event, the ‘ICONS by Carine Roitfeld’ during the New York Fashion Week, that received big names of the fashion world and more, and of course that Bella Hadid attended the event again this year, check below the photos and videos of this event:


CANDIDS > 2018 > September 7 – Leaving her hotel in New York
CANDIDS > 2018 > September 7 – Arriving at the Harpers Bazaar Icons 2018 party in New York
PUBLIC APPEARANCES > 2018 > September 7 – Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party in New York 
PUBLIC APPEARANCES 2018 > September 7 – Harper’s Bazaar ICONS Party in New York (Inside)

CANDIDS: Bella arriving and leaving Dior office in New York

CANDIDS: Bella arriving and leaving Dior office in New York

Yesterday, Bella Hadid was seen arriving and leaving Dior’s office in New York, check the pictures below in our gallery:

CANDIDS 2018 > September 7 – Arriving at Dior office in New York
CANDIDS > 2018 > September 7 – Leaving Dior office in New York

CANDIDS: Bella Hadid leaving her apartament in New York

CANDIDS: Bella Hadid leaving her apartament in New York

Yesterday (09/07) miss Hadid was seen leaving her apartament in New York City! Check the pictures below in our gallery:

CANDIDS 2018 > September 7 – Leaving her apartament in New York

CANDIDS: Bella Hadid out in New York

CANDIDS: Bella Hadid out in New York

Today, 05 Bella Hadid was seen out and about in New York! Check the pictures below in our gallery:

CANDIDS 2018 > September 5 – Out in New York

CANDIDS: Bella and Gigi Hadid at the US Open Tennis Tournament in New York

CANDIDS: Bella and Gigi Hadid at the US Open Tennis Tournament in New York

Yesterday, 03, Bella and Gigi were seen watching the quarter finals of US Open Tennis Tournament in New York, check the photos below:

CANDIDS 2018 > September 4 – At the US Open Tennis Tournament in New York

Bella Hadid is on the cover of Allure Magazine

Bella Hadid is on the cover of Allure Magazine

Bella Hadid has just flown from France into New York on a red-eye flight for our cover shoot and then is hopping back on a plane to Germany for work as soon as we’re done. The supermodel and face of Dior Beauty since 2016 spends a lot of time on a plane. “In the beginning, I would fly straight into work, and really not feel well and not know how to handle my jet lag — now I’ve kind of perfected the jet lag,” Hadid tells Allure. “I’m on a plane every other day, so just for my own health and my own skin, I always have moisturizer with me, a hyaluronic acid serum, and a night face mask because I love doing facials on the plane.”

As the world buzzes about the Hadid’s rumored rekindled relationship with The Weeknd — the paparazzi somehow still manage to find us, even on our closed set at a private beach club in Atlantic Beach — Hadid is focused on the job at hand. It’s a windy, warm day on the sandy coastline as photographer Dan Jackson shoots the model in different bold lip looks for our Lip Guide. Makeup artist Romy Soleimani plays with corals, Barbie pinks, daring two-tone lips, and even red, which the model is rarely seen wearing. “There’s probably five times, maybe, you’ve seen me with a red lip. I’m very self-conscious about it,” Hadid reveals. “I always stick to nudes and darker colors, but this shoot made me come out of my comfort zone a lot.” The model loves a nude or mauve ’90s lip, preferring to apply it in an overdrawn shape: “I’ve been really into just a lip liner, very overlined, with lip gloss.”

To achieve the acid-bright tones you see in these images, Soleimani started by filling in Hadid’s lips with a pencil that was slightly paler than the color she wanted to achieve. On top of the pencil, she added a layer of lipstick, followed by a layer of analogous neon makeup paint to “make the color really pop,” she explains.

While Hadid is surely jet-lagged, occasionally falling into the sand from exhaustion between shots, she turns it on for the camera: She is warm and cheery, with a refreshing and childlike playfulness, and is the rare type of mega-celebrity who learns everyone’s names on set. In fact, when a group of screaming teenage girls spots her at the end of the shoot as we’re heading back to her trailer, she exits the car to hug them and take pictures despite her exhaustion. Shout-out to Yolanda and Mohamed Hadid — you did a great job.

Bella’s Beauty Q & A

The supermodel shares her beloved beauty habits, products, and icons.

ALLURE: What are the makeup items you always have to have in your purse?

BH: Since I travel so much, [it’s] skin care, mostly: a moisturizer, three serums, a night face mask. Things that hydrate my skin and make sure that when I land, I’m ready for work and able to keep going, ’cause it gets super dry up there. I always have my Dior Lip Maximizer and Dior Lip Glow, I never leave the house without it.

ALLURE: What is a hair risk you’d like to take?

BH: I definitely want to do a pixie cut. I want to do bangs again. I want to go blonde, and right now, I’m obsessed with long hair — I love a long weave.

BH: I always grab sheet masks. They’re my favorite. The best ones are in Korea — they have such amazing new innovations there that you can never find in America.

ALLURE: Looking back, is there a red carpet beauty trend you’ve tried and regretted?

BH: No, because I come up with the look every time we do the styling. I think the only time I can really be myself is when I can do my red carpet looks. I make sure that everybody knows by the time I get there, exactly what the mood is [and] exactly what we’re gonna do when I do press stuff, so I kind of take that more seriously than anything.

ALLURE: Do you have any beauty idols?

BH: Cher and Monica Bellucci, both very major. Cher, I have always been obsessed with. One of my best friend’s godmother is Cher, so growing up she kind of taught me about the ins and outs, which was really cool. Everybody sees Cher as an incredible singer and actress, and, of course, such a fashion icon. She still to this day goes out on stage and is so major, and I aspire to be like her for the rest of my life. If you talk to her now she just has so much joy and she’s such an amazing person. And Monica Bellucci is just one of the most beautiful women of all time.

ALLURE: Best cure-all?

BH: My mom always said, “Drink water. You have a stomachache, a headache? Drink water.” It was always the thing that she said would heal everything, and now I’m realizing that she was so right — but I definitely have to force myself, [because] I’m not a good water drinker. Also, definitely excessive moisturizing on my body, my lips, and my face is something that kind of just makes me feel all around better.

ALLURE: What’s a fashion trend you’re really into right now?

BH: I’m definitely a sneakerhead, and I love matching sneakers with dresses and gowns. Even after the Versace show, I asked them if I could wear the dress that I wore in the show and they let me borrow the new sneakers that they have too. When I was 15 years old, my stepdad got his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and that was the first time I remember wearing sneakers to a huge event. I had this beautiful gown with my black run-down Converse. I even cut my own leather laces, and I think that’s when my love for tennis shoes really started. I feel sexier in a pair of tennis shoes than I do in heels.

ALLURE: How do you practice self-care?

BH: I think mantras are really good, and I think that’s something that I really need to start doing more. I’ve written mine down and I’m a very spiritual person. In the morning I always take time with myself and have my crystals, and at night I listen to my meditation music just to prepare for the next day. With my schedule, I need to take more time to do that and to be more positive about myself. Usually, if I’m having a bad day I call my mom or I text one of my best friends, Ali, and she just hypes me up. I’m like, “Ali, I feel ugly and shitty and I don’t want to do this,” and she’s like, “You got this, you’re here,” and the same thing for her when she calls me. I think that’s really good to have your close friends around you, or just a phone call away, because I’m not around my friends a lot because of work. The people that I’m very close to help me a lot, it’s really nice to be able to rely on somebody like that.

Source: Allure

PHOTOSHOOTS & CAMPAIGNS > 2018 > Allure Magazine – September
MAGAZINE SCANS 2018 > Allure Magazine – September

Bella Hadid is the new face of True Religion

Bella Hadid is the new face of True Religion

STAYING TRUE: True Religion is betting on a second coming. The Manhattan Beach, Calif.-based denim brand, which set the stage to emerge from bankruptcy late last year, has tapped California native model Bella Hadid to be the new face of the brand.

Like the premium denim stalwart, Hadid is said to embody past and present, edgy and everlasting qualities, at least according to True Religion, which called her “the natural choice to meld the iconic essence of the brand with the modern view of its future.”

An all-star creative team was assembled to shoot the fall campaign, which will begin appearing in media on Aug. 27 and in all store windows across the U.S. and U.K on Sept. 6. Photographer Boo George, stylist Mimi Cuttrell, and hair and makeup duo Jen Atkin and Mary Phillips created the imagery and looks to usher True Religion into a new era that honors the heritage of the brand.

“It was a great experience shooting an iconic denim campaign in Los Angeles,” Hadid said. “I grew up with True Religion and was excited to play a part of the brand’s next chapter.”

According to the brand, Hadid’s voice was not only an inspiration, but an integral part in imagining the campaign. The first three images show Hadid in an edgy industrial setting, wearing vintage washed mid-rise jeans and cropped logo T-shirts, or high-waisted indigo jeans and no shirt, flaunting the signature horseshoe stitching on the back pockets.

It’s True Religion’s first major model moment in a long time. In 2017, the brand tapped up-and-coming actress Herizen Guardiola and Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee for an edgy digital campaign, and in 2015 it collaborated with NBA star Russell Westbrook on a collection.

PHOTOSHOOTS & CAMPAIGNS 2018 > True Religion

Source: WWD

Gigi Hadid On Working In The Same Industry As Her Sister Bella: ‘We Are Each Other’s Biggest Fans’

Gigi Hadid On Working In The Same Industry As Her Sister Bella: ‘We Are Each Other’s Biggest Fans’

When it comes to taking over the fashion industry, Gigi Hadid says there is zero competition with her younger sister Bella Hadid.

Speaking with her friend Serena Williams for V Magazine‘s latest issue, the 23-year-old model, who is seen catching air on a Sea-Doo in a custom Fendi look for one of her three magazine covers, opens up about her unbreakable sisterly bond. “I absolutely love it,” Hadid tells Williams on working in the same industry as her sister. “It’s very rare to have what Bella and I have in fashion, what you and Venus have in tennis. I feel very lucky to be able to have a piece of home in my work environment. We are each other’s biggest fans.

While Hadid asserts that the fashion-duo are the “least competitive” about their careers, she reveals: “We are more competitive about holiday cooking.”

On giving advice to Bella, Hadid says:

I personally really loved the challenge of learning a lot of the fashion ropes on my own when I started working in New York, so I didn’t want to take that experience away from Bella when she started.” Gigi adds, “I was always there whenever she had a question about a specific client or situation, but I tried not to be too protective. We’re always FaceTiming to keep each other company on work trips.

Source: ET Canada.

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Bella Hadid walked for Versace during Milan Fashion Week

PHOTOS & VIDEOS: Bella Hadid walked for Versace during Milan Fashion Week

Today, 16, Bella walked for the new men’s collection of Versace during Milan Fashion Week. Check out the photos and the video below:


June 16: Arriving at Versace Fashion Show

June 16: Arriving at Versace Fashion Show

On June 16th, Bella was spotted arriving at the Versace  SS19 Men’s show during Milan Fashion Week, check below:


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